How to integrate dynOZ in a Drupal based Internet Presence

For version 6.x of the content management system Drupal dynOZ offers a special module. This module makes the integration of dynOZ in you website particularly easy. You can download the module here.

Before you start the installation process you should select server-side integration on the Settings page in dynOZ and activate or update the data of your facility. Then unpack the file you downloaded in the Drupal-directory 'modules'.

In the Drupal back-end the module can be activated and configured. The configuration of the module itself is easy as there is only one setting: the number of blocks. You can enter 1 or 2 here - depending on how many different view on your business hours you want to publish on your web-site.

The main configuration takes place at each block (see picture). There you can specify via the webkey the facility of which business hours are shown and via 'Format' whether these are displayed in a weekly or daily format. Via the 'Page specific visibility settings' at the bottom you can specify on which page the block is shown. To avoid that a block is shown on every page first select the entry 'Show on only the listed pages'. Then enter the pages where you want the block to be visible in the 'Pages'-field.