How to integrate dynOZ in a Joomla based Internet Presence

For version 1.5.x of the content management system Joomla dynOZ offers a special module. This module makes the integration of dynOZ in you web-site particularly easy. You can download the module here.

Before you start the installation process in Joomla you should select server-side integration on the Settings page in dynOZ and activate or update the data of your dynOZ-facilities.

The installation in Joomla can be done via the Joomla back-end. To activate the module enter the 'Module Manager' of Joomla. Here you can also create a second instances of the dynOZ module if necessary. Each of these instances represents a separate view on your hours. Therefore every instance can be placed at a different position on your website and is configured separately. In the configuration of the instances you have to enter the webkey of your facility. This webkey can be found in dynOZ - if a server-side integration has been selected - in the data area in the preview section below the hours. In addition, you can choose whether only the hours of the current day (entry daily hours), or the full hours (entry weekly hours) are shown. The cache entry indicates how often Joomla reads data from dynOZ.

Please note: As dynOZ-data is temporarily stored in Joomla to reduce traffic and loading times of your web-page, changes in dynOZ are not directly visible on your internet presence. The maximum delay corresponds to the value in the field 'Cache Hours'.