Examples of the Integration of dynOZ

This page shows examples of how a website with dynOZ could look like. The examples of client-side integration are directly integrated in this website. Home page and the page with detailed hours are shown in separate columns and not - as in a real use - as separate pages.

Example Integration Subsidiary Facility Twitter Google Calendar
Fitness Facility client-side yes no yes
Museum client-side no no no
Tennisclub with Training Hours (Facebook) Facebook App no no yes

The following table shows some examples how our customers integrated dynoz in their websites. Via the link 'external Integration' you can see if customers presented their hours maintained in dynoz also at other places in the web.

References (Examples) Integration Language ext. Integration
The Lillypad Village server-side English Facebook
Training Hours Table Tennis Minnesota server-side English -
Car Dealer BMW Ehrl Potsdam - German Facebook
Public Swimming Pool Freibad Eschershausen client-side German schwimmbadcheck