How to connect dynOZ with Google Calendar

The business hours at dynOZ can be transferred to an existing google calendar. If you are not using google calendar yet, you can create one free of charge at google. To do this start with creating a new google account here in case you don't have one. Then add the calendar app to this account. After creating the calendar, the calendar is 'private' and therefore not usable by your customers. So you have to change this within the Google calendar settings and make your calendar public.

In dynOZ you have to activate google calendar support in the setting first. Then you will see an additional button in the data section of each facility. By pressing the button you start the process to connect dynOZ with google calendar. If you allow dynOZ the connection, dynOZ will transfer the business hours of the next 14 days at every manual or nightly update of your business hours in the web. Entries that are older than one week will be deleted automatically. This keeps the amount of data in your google calendar small, which reduces synchronization times with the mobile devices of your customers.

An example of how dynOZ and google calendar work together can be found here.