How your Customers get your Hours on their iPhones

To enable your customers to subscribe to your business hours with their iPhones you have to set up the connection to Google-Calendar first.

In the dynOZ settings it can be specified that below the business hours a link to the google calendar is shown. The link is designed in a way that iPhone users can subscribe to the calendar directly.

When using iOS4 the link directly starts the process to subscribe to the calendar (see right). In iOS3 the link cannot be opened directly in the Safari browser. Instead, the link must first be sent to the iPhone via e-mail before your customers can subscribe by clicking the link in their iPhone mail tool. To support this process optimally, dynOZ displays beside the "direct link" to the calendar an input field that can be used to enter an email address. To this address a link to the calendar can be sent by pressing "send Link".

You can test the interface with your iPhone with this example.